Bineroo 1.10 — New Tutorial

2 min readApr 10, 2023

Good onboarding is essential for a pleasant game experience, especially when there are few rules to learn. And a well-crafted tutorial should help with that.

🔙 How was it working before?

In previous versions, the tutorial was a 4-step presentation. The first 3 steps explained the rules through correct and incorrect examples. And the final step was a try on a straightforward 4x4 grid.

🌅 How does it work now?

Why a change first?

I wanted to make this tutorial a bit more interactive because I
believe we learn best by trying ourselves than through given examples.
The tutorial is still a 4-step presentation but now the first 3 steps are playable.
For each of the latter, the player is asked to fill in a simple grid by respecting a given rule.

⏭️ What next?

Will this new tutorial be more, less, or equally effective as the previous one? Actually, I have no clear idea (I’ve been playing this game for so long that I know the rules by heart and don’t read them anymore 😆).
The best way to see how players receive this update is by collecting usage data. We’ll see if players go through the whole tutorial process or leave before.

As with any release, I would really appreciate some feedback. Any ideas for improvements are also very welcome. Email me at [](

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