Bineroo 1.8: Reward mechanic revamped and new error detector

3 min readJan 19, 2023

Here comes a new year and with it a new release of Bineroo.

🏆 Reward mechanic revamped

After some thorough analysis of the reward mechanic based on coins, I decided to entirely remove it from the game. It felt more like an obstacle for the players to fully enjoy.

Getting rid of such a central feature that was here from the start had some overall impacts on the game.

First of all, the way to choose a new game to play, which was entirely based on coins, had to be entirely reworked. As there are no coins anymore, there is no need to limit the options to select a new game. You can select any grid size and any grid difficulty without constraints. It is even possible to choose the exact grid you want to play. All 1600 grids are directly accessible.

Here is how it looks now

New Game selection

The second significant impact of removing the coin mechanic was on getting help while playing a grid. Before this new release, you had to spend some coins if you wanted help. Coins being gone, I had to review how help was supposed to work.

Now everything revolves around the concept of hints. When you install the game, you get 3 hints for free. Once you’ve used your free hints, you can get new ones by watching a sponsored video. A fairly common mechanic in free-to-play games.

To be entirely fair to players of older versions, their former coins have been converted to new hints based on the following ratio: **100 coins = 1 hint**.

🧽 New error detector

The second prominent feature in this release of a new error detector.

With the previous release (1.7), I saw a drop in the percentage of successfully completed grids. Honestly, I have tried to figure out why but could come up with a satisfying answer. In any case, I thought it was necessary to provide a new way to help the player. It can be really frustrating to be blocked on a grid without finding out why.

This is the reason why I introduced this new error detector. As soon as you complete a grid, the error detector will check if all rules are respected or not. If at least one rule is broken, the detector will show up and give the opportunity to clean/reset incorrect tiles.

Because I think this is a valuable feature and I didn’t want the player to rely solely on it to complete the grid, it requires the user to watch a sponsored video to actually clean the incorrect tiles.

You can see it in action here

As with any release, I would really appreciate some feedback. Any ideas for improvements are also very welcome. Email me at

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