Bineroo 1.9 — Reworked app rating

4 min readMar 1, 2023

App ratings and reviews seem to play an important role in drawing people's attention and getting an app downloaded on the stores.
How to incentivize players to give a rating without being too pushy? This is the tricky question I tackle with this new release.

🔙 How was it working before?

In the previous version, the App rating popup was automatically shown on the Home page every 3 completed grids.

Old Review Popup

The player had 3 possibilities:
1. Tap one of the stars to rate the app. The player was redirected to the app page on the store to leave his/her review and rating.
2. Tap the “Remind me later” button. The popup was dismissed and would be shown again after the next 3 completed grids.
3. Tap the “Never ask me again” button. The popup was dismissed and was never shown again to the player.

📊 What does the data say?

I collect a lot of data analytics on the game to better understand the player's behavior. And among them, are the analytics related to the interactions with the app rating popup, as shown on the graphs below (data collected over one month)

We see a slight difference between Android and iOS players. But in both cases, the vast majority of the players choose to postpone the app rating to another moment.

One could say 2O iOS ratings and 5 Android ratings over one month is pretty good. But unfortunately, this is not what we observe in the stores themselves. The numbers are much much lower.

Over the same period, I had only one Android rating (5 stars 😊). And for iOS, it is impossible to get this number (nb: IMHO a lot of efforts need to be made on the App Store Connect regarding analytics). Too bad but it also seems to be much lower than the data collected on the app itself.

🌅 How does it work now?

The app rating popup is now shown after a grid is successfully completed, not on the home screen anymore. It will automatically be displayed every 10 (vs 3 before) completed grids but this automatic trigger will be executed only a maximum of 3 times.

The player has now 2 options:
1. Tap one of the stars to rate the app. The player will be redirected to the app page on the store to leave his/her review and rating.
2. Tap the “Not now” button. The popup will be dismissed. If it is the third time the player has dismissed the automatic popup, it will not be shown again. If not, it would be displayed again after the next 10 completed grids.

At any moment, the player can also choose to display the app rating popup by tapping on the star button present on the home and success pages.

Rate button on Home screen
Rate button on success screen

⏭️ What next?

As of today, March 1st 2023, Bineroo ratings and reviews are the following:

on iOS:
- 30 ratings: 5 stars (19) / 4 stars (6) / 3 stars (3) / 2 stars (0) / 1 star (2) => overall rating = 4.3
- 7 reviews

on Android:
- 26 => overall rating = 4.615
- 9 reviews

We’ll check in a month how these figures have evolved.

🆕 What else is new in this release?

The app icon has been changed.

Old Bineroo Icon
New Bineroo Icon

As with any release, I would really appreciate some feedback. Any ideas for improvements are also very welcome. Email me at [](

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