Bineroo Battles: Who will beat your time?

3 min readJul 27, 2023

Hello friends! 😊 I hope these heatwaves aren’t frying your brain and that you’re enjoying your regular Bineroo grid-solving sessions 🧩🔢

As for me, I haven’t been idle. Let me introduce you to the July update, which brings a brand new feature called ‘Battles’ ⚔️💥.

Bineroo was originally designed as a single-player game. Release 1.3 introduced a more multiplayer-oriented dimension with the addition of daily grids. However, it still lacked a true social experience.

‘Battles’ takes it one step further in terms of social interaction. It introduces a new sense of competition by allowing players to challenge each other directly.

🤔 How does it work exactly?

Creating a new Battle is quite simple

All you have to do is complete a classic grid, just like you normally would. In the new version, you’ll find a button labeled ‘Create a new battle’ on the Success screen. The process is simple: enter your username (which will be saved for future battles) just like when achieving high scores in arcade games at fairs (yes, I am that old 😎🕹️) and then launch the battle creation.

On completion, a unique invitation code will be generated, which you can then share with the players you want to challenge. Remember that each battle lasts only 24 hours (more details explained below), so it’s best not to delay in sharing the invitation code.

Joining a battle is even easier.

On the home screen, you’ll find a new button named ‘Join a battle’ for that purpose. When clicked, a popup will appear where players can enter the invitation code they received. If the code is valid and the battle is still open, the battle grid will be launched, allowing the player to complete the grid as fast as possible and compare their time with the other players’.

Now, you might be wondering why battles only last 24 hours.

The reason for the 24-hour time limit is straightforward: we need to determine a winner within a defined timeframe, don’t we? When the number of participants is limited, determining a winner is relatively straightforward. However, when there can be numerous participants, a time constraint becomes the most effective option. Additionally, players usually don’t take long to challenge their friends. So I figured that 24 hours is long enough to throw a challenge at your friends’ faces 😏.

🔜 What’s next?

This marks the first iteration of this new feature. While I don’t expect immediate widespread adoption, I’m confident that, with the help of analytics, we can evolve the feature. I firmly believe it’s a great idea; now it’s all about implementing it effectively to provide players with an exciting new dimension to the game. 🚀🎮

So, let the battles begin! Who will be the fastest? The smartest? You or your friends? 😄🏆

As with any release, I would really appreciate some feedback. Any ideas for improvements are also very welcome. Email me at

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