Bineroo Goals: Level Up Your Puzzle Power

2 min readMay 25, 2023

Bonjour, my fellow puzzle enthusiasts! Bineroo is taking your gameplay experience to new heights with the introduction of an exciting feature in version 1.12 — Bineroo Goals!

Inspired by your valuable feedback, this new addition is designed to provide fresh challenges and entertainment as you navigate the world of logical puzzles.

Let’s dive in and explore the wonderful realm of Bineroo Goals!

👂 From Feedback to Implementation

In the previous release, we listened attentively to your thoughts and suggestions through a feedback form.

Your input was invaluable, and one resounding desire emerged — the hunger for Achievements! You craved new ways to be engaged and tested in your puzzle-solving abilities.

In response, I’ve crafted Bineroo Goals to deliver just that.

😕 Goals vs. Achievements: Lost in Translation

Now, you might be wondering why I chose the name “Goals” instead of “Achievements.”

Picture this: a French developer trying to find the perfect translation for “Achievements” in his native tongue.

After countless consultations, even with my trusty ChatGPT assistant, no satisfactory translation emerged. after much thought and consultation, the simplicity and resonance of “Goals” emerged as the preferred choice.

This name captures the essence of what we aim to provide — a journey of progress, challenges, and accomplishments!

🎯 A new challenging way to play

But enough chit-chat, let’s see how this works!

Bineroo Goals is a collection of exciting objectives that players are challenged to achieve, providing a fun and engaging way to improve their puzzle-solving skills. In this first version, there are seven main goals centered around completing grids, whether they are the classic ones or the daily puzzles. Each goal is divided into different levels that gradually increase in difficulty, offering a satisfying progression of challenges to conquer.

🔜 What’s next?

In future updates, I might include time-based goals. However, I need to analyze the metrics further to determine the ideal difficulty levels. Stay tuned for more updates!

As with any release, I would really appreciate some feedback. Any ideas for improvements are also very welcome. Email me at

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